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Life Energy is our thread in our Center.

Our center offers healing, meditation, mindfulness, prana and rebirthing. These therapies are both western and oriental oriented. Our therapies are holistic in nature, that is, these therapies are aimed at all human beings; Body, soul and spirit.

Because of our busy lives and hasty lives, we often forget to spend time on our health. By healthy eating, enough exercise and a lot of sleep can be energy-efficient. These important issues are to balance our energy, but also to balance our mental and physical well-being.

In our center you can fully relax and balance through therapies, advice and training. In the midst of the hectic of the modern world, there is a particularly beneficial energy that we activate with you for vitality, health and peace.

Life energy healing is a form of healing using energy. This energy that surrounds us allows people, animals and plants to live.
A synonym for life energy includes: - Prana, Chi, Nour, Ki.

Life-energy recovery includes a simple and effective breathing technique that anyone can learn to use and apply to everyday life.The breathing techniques that focus on life energy are commonly called Prana Yama.

There are several breathing techniques that fall under this denominator. One of the few breathing techniques that overlaps thinking and breathing is no longer under control of conditioned thinking, breathing with life energy.Life-energy breathing technology goes beyond thinking. It will let you come in contact with your source energy.

This gives you insight into who you really are. You are not your gender, not older than your trauma, history or occupation you are exercising.Prana stands for life energy, the Source or God. Life energy is the connection of the Source within us. All countless functions in the body are maintained and maintained by life energy.

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Hoogstraat 4A 3901 CG Veenendaal
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